est prices are governed by DVSA. However, you may unwittingly come across websites that offer additional – unnecessary – services for additional fees.

Don’t be fooled! Always look at the attached link to please make sure you do not pay more than you should for your test.

The Driving Test

Passing your Driving Test is not always easy, but the process is simple! You’re required to prove you can drive safely and considerately throughout the test.

Almost everybody gets nervous on tests. So make sure you’ve had enough practice, and you can confidently carry out all the potential tasks included in the test. This includes, for example, reversing manoeuvres and ‘Independent Driving’.

A point to note: We won’t allow you to use the MDA car on your test until Melissa is sure you can achieve all that’s required. This decision may seem a little hard – however, we know from experience it will save you time, money and unnecessary disappointment.

Help With Nerves

If you think nerves will be a real issue for you on the test, then the good news is, we have plenty of experience supporting pupils suffering the same problems.

Each pupil is different, so we don’t endorse one method over another, but what we do is make you aware of what could work-sharing tips, coping techniques and advice that others have tried.

What our experience tells us is the overriding factor for success during your test is confidence in your ability. And you’re more likely to achieve this through practice and learning beforehand.

Help I have my Driving Test Date!

Your driving test is your chance to show that you can put into practice the things you have learned through Melissa’s Driving Academy.

We’ve given you the opportunity to listen, to learn, to practice. But, as the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”. So once you’re on your test, it’s down to you to benefit from your hard work by being as prepared as you can be.

Go on, you can do it!