Booking Your Theory Test

The Theory Test is designed to check you have an understanding of road rules and procedures, a fundamental knowledge of the car; and how to ensure the vehicle you drive is safe.

It covers the Highway Code and more, and the test also includes a Hazard Perception section. The theory you learn should be applied at all times when you are driving, and it’s essential to spend time outside your lessons studying driving theory. It will ensure the time you spend during your booked lessons is even more beneficial.

We’re more than happy to help and give guidance. And, if you feel it would be of benefit to you, a lesson can be used to cover the theory element of a driving test.

However, the most cost-effective way for you to learn is to set aside time to read and understand the Highway Code and other related materials.

Our Online Academy is designed for that purpose exactly. In it, you’ll find incredibly useful tutorials, downloads, coping techniques, articles, unique training videos and more. All designed to work in tandem with Theory Test Pro and to focus you on the essential theory test knowledge you need.

All students have complete and free access to Theory Test Pro – so there are no excuses!

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