Finding The Right Instructor

Most people who are considering learning to drive will have a list of ‘must have’s’ when they begin their search to find the perfect driving instructor or driving school.

The list will usually include: location; the type of car the instructor uses; the personality of the instructor; the additional support offered; price and availability.

These are all crucial factors. But if you’re especially nervous or anxious at the thought of learning to drive confidently, competently, safely, and within a timescale that suits you; then the right person sitting beside you is vital.

Feeling anxious and nervous comes in varying degrees, and you’re not alone!

Many people get nervous at the thought of learning to drive. It can be overwhelming and downright scary for some. Our students past and present have explained to us the reasons they initially put off learning to drive. From an irrational fear of the road, the panic of being in control of a car (and having to do too many things at once!) to the dismay at the thought of causing, or being, in an accident.

But almost without exception, these once worried individuals found courage, the right instructor; and did pass their driving test. And you can too.

For over ten years, Melissa, owner of Melissa’s Driving Academy, has been using her expert teaching skills, experience and calm (yet firm!) personality to help her students. Not only to pass their driving test but do so while overcoming their fears and anxieties about being on the road. Helping them to find the courage and strength to achieve what they thought was impossible.

Call us if learning to drive is currently in your ‘too scary and challenging’ box!

Before booking your lessons with us, please do feel free to talk to us about your specific anxieties. Whatever they are, we’re sure we can help you learn to drive.