Learn To Drive

What To Expect

Once you’ve paid for and booked your lessons, allow yourself to get excited – you’re about to change your life for the better!But while you’re waiting for your first lesson, there is work to be done.

– If you haven’t already, apply for your Provisional License.
– If you’re in a car with a friend or family member, begin to observe the road and how drivers, cyclists and pedestrians behave.
– Visit our Resource page and start to identify what will be useful for you at the start
– Start to learn the Highway Code and prepare for your theory test
– Sign up for our Newsletter for news and articles that will help improve your driving skills

Your Lessons

Melissa’s Driving Academy will help you become a competent, safe and confident driver. Even if, right now, you’re so nervous you believe that would be impossible.

We have an excellent reputation for helping learner drivers just like you to not only overcome fears and anxieties, but, in many cases, to forget they ever existed.

We do this by giving you access to a unique resource. You’ll be given advice and support through videos, podcasts and articles – all aimed at lessening your fears by exposing you to road and driving scenarios from the safety of your laptop or home!

You will become familiar with many situations BEFORE getting into a car – so if any occur during your lesson your reaction to them is based on experience and familiarity. Making them almost second nature; and allowing you more ‘headspace’ for thinking about the control of the car.

Become A Competent Driver

The more you practise anything, the better you become.

So, we allow you lots of practice! Then during your booked lesson we break the time down and focus on what you need for your individual learning style and where you are in your driving journey. We do not take a one size fits all approach.

Become A Safe Driver

Learning how the car works and how it responds will ensure you take control and become a safer driver; so that you can learn to control it.

Through the knowledge I share and our lessons together I will teach you to become a safe and responsible driver. You will learn how your actions affect others on the road so you can wise choices. And I will share how to minimise the risks involved in driving.

Become A Confident Driver

During your time learning with Melissa’s Driving Academy, your confidence will soar. You will be allowed to learn at your pace and we plan each lesson around you, your emotions and your confidence. So, each lesson will be geared (excuse the pun!) to your needs – because you’re all individual and have a different learning style and level of nerves.And together we will keep our eyes firmly on the end goal. To get you through your test and make you a competent, safe and confident driver.

Opening up a world of possibilities for you and your future.