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Melissa – Inside The Car

As a Qualified Instructor, Melissa has been running a successful driving school for the past ten years. Teaching all ages and abilities through to test standard and, in the majority of cases, through to passing their test. And she loves what she does.

During this time she’s gained an excellent reputation for being one of the best there is in the Oxfordshire area and is particularly patient and nurturing with nervous and anxious drivers. Which is why the MDA online courses were developed; enabling students to familiarise themselves with ‘on the road’ situations from the familiar surroundings of their sofa!

Although she teaches drivers of any ability and confidence levels, Melissa has a proven track record when supporting nervous or out of practise drivers. It gives her immense satisfaction to see those pupils (who thought it would be impossible!) learn to drive and by doing so, open up a world of possibilities for them.

Outside The Car

Mel makes sure she winds down by enjoying days off with her many friends and her family. So she can be the best person possible, physically and mentally, when in the car with you.

She’s an avid reader and ‘cross-stitcher’. And, also, an accomplished ballroom dancer! And a massive part of Mel’s happiness, postive attitude and wellbeing is her faith. She’s a proactive Church Leader, which takes most of her spare time when not with family and friends; and she supports her local community and church by regularly writing and delivering services throughout the year.

Although she doesn’t overtly bring her faith into the lessons with her pupils, the opposite is true when in church. As she finds there are many parallels to driving well and living life well!

What You Should Know About Melissa

She’s a ‘giggler’ – especially when working alongside Darren. 

She’s also the most caring person you could meet. She invests her time and passion into you, whatever the reason for your paths crossing.

Darren, Her Left-Handed Right-Hand Man!

… when it comes to helping with any queries before you book with us. He’s also the guy behind keeping the free resource as relevant as it can be and managing the online courses.

Darren is a former Police Response Driver and is a member of The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM RoadSmart). He’s also been put through his ‘Driving Paces’ by completing many advanced driving courses – and as a Veteran of HM Forces has driven a variety of obscure vehicles throughout his career!

He’s passionate about roadcraft and road safety; and as a former cycle coach, Bikeability coach and avid road bike enthusiast, he has an all-round, invaluable road user perspective.

You’ll get to meet him when he supports Melissa at the MDA Training Days held regularly in Oxford.

What You Should Know About Darren

He can ‘morph’ perfectly into any regional accent or famous character in seconds – you have to be on your toes to keep up and not think someone else has entered the room!

Darren aka “Dobby” is also the Academy’s House Elf and will do anything for a sock.

Working Together To Create Online Courses…

The Online Courses have been a labour of love for both Melissa and Darren. They’re committed to giving you invaluable and unrivalled resource, in one place; to help you be a better, safer driver. From training videos, workbooks, and articles to professional ‘insider tips’ – they’ve pooled their collective driving knowledge; providing you with a tool that will change how you learn to drive.


The Online Courses Support…

Nervous drivers; those who want to save time and money by helping to teach a friend or family member; those who want to fast track their learning before booking lessons; and those who could use a little extra support during their ‘eraning to drive experience. Our carefully chosen topics will make you a better, safer and more confident driver – sooner.


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