Mel's Driving School

If you’ve landed here after a recommendation from a friend, don’t panic – you’re in the right place!

Melissa – Inside The Car

I still offer the same level of driving tuition expertise and would love to teach you to drive whatever your level of confidence.

But because of high demand for this service, I’m now also specialising in the extra support necessary for those who suffer from a particularly high level of nervousness at the thought of learning to drive. Those who think they’ll never be able to do it. Because I know they can.

‘I’ has beome ‘we’ and I now have support from Darren who’s helping to manage our website, pupil queries and blogs and online courses. Which allows me to focus on teaching and making sure our new Online Courses have the most up to date and valuable resource possible.

We’re growing and sharing!

We’re both excited to be able to offer our new Online Courses, which are now available to purchase.

Each course costs the equivalent of ONE lesson and you’ll have access to unique training videos and easily digestable written content. All designed to save you time trawling the internet when looking for the essential ‘out of the car’ help you need.

My years of experience has proven to me that being prepared for as many situations as possible makes for a better driver, but there are no guarantees that what happens on the road during your lesson will include every likely scenario. And not all information found on the internet is accurate or relevant to you as an individual.

Turbocharge your learning

So we’ve made sure what we offer is tailored to you as an individual. It’s practical, relevant and valuable. And we’re super confident it will enhance your ‘learning to drive’ experience, and help you get ‘test ready’ faster.

We hope you enjoy your learning journey with us,


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