Relocating To The UK

We also support many drivers who have lived abroad and are used to driving on the other side of the road; so must now get used to driving on the left.

Alongside plenty of familiarisation with English roads and DVSA etiquette by spending time in the car; we also recommend you take advantage of our two Online Courses, Driving Skills – Foundation Course; and the Learners’ Guide to UK Roundabouts Course, both of which you can access FREE when you book and pay for SIX or more lessons in advance.

A Little Out Of Practice?

Did you pass your driving test many years ago but then…stopped driving? It’s surprisingly common as finances or family life can take over.. Or regular access to a car hasn’t been possible for a while.

If this is you, but you’re now ready to drive again, then we know just how to help. Contact us, and we can talk you through the opportunities available to get you back behind the wheel and driving safely.